Getting things done

March 5, 2007 at 9:00 am (my links)

Unlike this title suggests I haven’t actually read the popular book with the same title, however, I have been inspired by a new online to-do list. (Yes, I know the creator but I would have been inspired regardless.)

It’s called tedium and is easy to use, funky looking and practical. Check it out…..


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Bellissimo Torino!

March 4, 2007 at 5:04 pm (Italy, my links)

Planning to go to Turin at the end of March. Sono molto …. crap I don’t know how to say excited!

Here’s a good website all about Turin, it pretty much tells you everything you could need to know.

We are also planning to stay Le Meridien – Lingotto, the old Fiat factory that has been converted into a hotel. It’s still got the old test track that they used to test out the cars before they were sold and it’s on the roof! Molto interessante!

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March 4, 2007 at 4:54 pm (my links, sign language)

Today’s BSL sign

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music to dance to

March 4, 2007 at 4:21 pm (music)

After going out to a bar in London for a friend’s birthday and coming home tired the next day, I watched a programme called ‘Soul Britannia’ and realised that I have a need for music to which I can dance.

This documentary did exactly what it says on the tin and talked about the growth of Soul music in Britain; I couldn’t help but tap my feet and jiggle my shoulders even in my state of exhaustion, so I can only imagine what this music could do to me when I’m out on the town!

 For my friend’s birthday we went for drinks to Keston Lodge in Islington. The bar was perfectly nice with good cocktails and comfy seats and I didn’t even notice the lack of music until an hour or so into the night it came blaring out of a speaker next to me. Why use the negative word ‘blaring’? I hear you ask. Well, not only was the music extremely loud so that all conversation was either drawn to a close or shouted at the top of our voices, but the speaker was broken! So, even if the music had been any good we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it because it was drowned out by the most irritating crackling noise. Now, ranting about the quality of speakers wasn’t the purpose of this post, so I’ll just tell you that the speaker was eventually fixed and a fun evening was had by all! However, we left the bar at 1:30 and at no point had there been any dancing! (Apart from the proverbial shuffling through the crowds when making your way to the toilet or the finger tapping that goes on when waiting to be served at the bar.) I know that dancing is not compulsory for an evening to be entertaining but it certainly helps!

My question is this, what happened to the days when an evening’s entertainment was all about the music and the dancing? Where has the generation of musicians gone that produce music that my hips can not help but move to? Now, I know that ‘dance music’ exists but I’m not talking about music that consists of a pulsating beat and nothing much else. Neither am I talking about ‘jump around music’ (don’t get me wrong, it’s great if that’s what you’re after) where getting elbowed in the face, your bare toes stood on and your wallet stolen is a compulsory part of the evening. What I want is good, healthy music that affects you, moves you and can’t help but move your body to. I’m sure it does exist but in small clandestine pockets of the country and I don’t know where these are!!

 I voiced these feelings to my boyfriend who replied ‘ but we could go out to gigs all the time and do!’ And yes, he is right; we  recently went to The Soul Tree to see Get Cape Where Cape Fly and it was an alright evening. The band were presentable and there were quite a few people there but we stood around drinking our drinks and to be honest, I wished I could just sit down! That kind of evening is just not what I’m looking for. I want some kind of blank canvas in the shape of a hall with a stage and people who are all there to enjoy themselves and (to sound a bit like a hippy) loose themselves in the music. When I get up to dance I don’t want to be ogled by the drunks, stared at by the ‘too fashionable to dance’ or, let’s face it, dancing by myself!

Another requirement is that the evening is not bankruptingly expensive! I’m sick of having to pay an arm and a leg to see and hear the music that I like or having to book them months in advance only to be told that they sold out after 10 minutes!

So, my quest is this: to find some venues and music that will entertain me, inspire me and enable me to dance without it having to be to Abba or Wham and I can still afford to buy some chips on the way home! Please help me if you can…

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