The bathroom diaries, Step 1 – preperation

June 14, 2007 at 10:32 am (Uncategorized)


After finding a plumber who’s not going to rip us off and will be able to complete the work before we move, we had to prepare the bathroom for him. This involved chipping off the first layer of brown tiles to reveal the pink ones underneath! The new tiles will then be stuck on top of these gorgeous pink ones!pink tiles!

The ceiling also needed to be taken down as it was made of polystyrene tiles, which not only looked rubbish but a little birdy told us that they are now illegal, as they are highly flammable! Doh! This process took Adrian an entire day because the bloody things were stuck to the ceiling with what seemed like super glue. Whilst working he managed to break my hairdryer and turned the bathroom into a relaxing steam room. (Alright, less of the relaxing but there was a lot of steam! All good for the pores!)

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