The Bathroom Diaries, Step 2 – Monday

June 15, 2007 at 7:23 am (Uncategorized)

cylinderThe first official stage in the bathroom saga was to change the water cylinder. The old one was leaking so we thought “Why not get one that will be compatible with solar panels, so we can be super green!” Unfortunately, after doing a bit of research it turns out that it’s really expensive to get solar panels to heat our hot water and although there are grants available it would still cost about £4,000! Money we just don’t have at the moment. So, we got the dual-coil cylinder anyway, so that hopefully one day we can get Dick Strawbridge and his band of merry men round to help us ‘be green’. (But not pea-green, that colour makes me think of snot, I’d prefer a deep, dark oak leaf green please.)

This day was pretty easy: 08:45 men arrive, 14:00 men depart leaving one huge water cylinder in place, pipe work redirected – job done!

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