Ciao raggazzi

July 9, 2007 at 10:19 pm (Italy)

So we go out to eat and I have the best pizza ever, with tons of seafood on it! Yum! As we are walking home (I’m complaining about my blisters) we hear an arpeggiated squeal from a trumpet! My ears prick up (as do Adrian’s) and I’m thinking, surely that was just a piece of music and not possibly someone playing their trumpet at 22:00? However, low and behold, as we walk further along the piazza (“It’s a Piazza“-Michael Caine) there’s a group of ragazzi (‘youths’, but much less of a derogatory word) with saxaphones and trumpets improvising to some hip-hop music. It sounded excellent and was the perfect way to end the evening. (It all took place at La Drogheria in piazza Vittorio Vineto.)

Ooh, one last thing, as we sat down, a couple came up to ask if some seats were free and the woman lives in our (soon to be) apartment block! Che strano! So, we now have a friend. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s the only one we’ve got, so we’re gonna follow her round like lost puppies and make her speak to us in a combination of English and slow Italian. Lucky Elisa!


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