Appartamento Favoloso

July 10, 2007 at 11:10 am (Italy, photos)

It’s official, we’ve got an apartment in Turin. It’s big, on the first floor of the block, right in the city centre, has space for visitors and (the best bit) it has a terrace. I can’t wait to get that BBQ going!

So, if you’re planning to come out and visit, click here to see where you’ll be staying. Obviously it’ll look much better once we’re in there, as it’ll have had a bit of a clean and will have been improved with some girly touches.

Just imagine sitting out on the terrace on a warm summer’s evening with a fine glass of Italian wine – bellissimo!


  1. Adrian McEwen said,

    I think I’ll pass on the wine, but the terrace will be superb. My thoughts on the new apartment are now up on my blog too.

  2. isabel said,

    That flat is perfect! It plays just the part… I mean if you’re going to live in Italy, you have to live in one of those typical buildings 🙂

    So jealous!

  3. crunchcorner said,

    He he! I know, it’s very cool. Can’t wait to move in!

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