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July 31, 2007 at 4:39 pm (Italy, photos)

Ciao tutti! Siamo arrivati! (We have arrived)

Right, well we’re here and what an amazing journey it’s been so far. We left rainy kent early (and I mean EARLY) last Tuesday and headed for Dover. The sun came out and the water wasn’t too choppy, so the first part went well. We decided that A would do the first part of the European leg as he’s driven abroad before, so I was cheif navagator. However, I didn’t have to do much because it was really easy. The weather was great the views were even better. The scenery was just stunning, it’s a good job A was driving because I don’t think I could’ve resisted getting my camera out, which may have been dangerous!

We got a tiny bit lost driving into Chambery, as the google map wasn’t very clear and it had been rained upon so was a bit blotchy! Doh! But the hotel was good enough for us to crash out, and we were up again early the next day.

Again, the weather was clear, so driving over the alps was superb! I would recommend it to everyone. As it turns out we could’ve done the whole journey in one day but splitting it into two meant that we could take our time doing the fun bit. (Although obviously A wanted to go very fast and not take his time on the windy roads, but that was to be expected!) We stopped just before the Italian border at mount cenis somthing…(sorry can’t remember, A probably got it right on his blog post) and got some fab pics of the views.

The final part of the journey was a touch scary as we were driving to a deadline (to meet the landlord’s daughter to collect the keys) and we got a bit lost in Torino. I tell you, it’s a wee bit tricky getting yourself back on track when the map you’ve got is all watermarked, (the proper map having been packed away neatly in the boot, which now has two bikes strapped to the back, so no chance of recovering it) there’s traffic everywhere beeping horns like crazy, you’re hot, one of you (and it wasn’t A) gets all stroppy cause they don’t know what they’re doing or how to solve the problem and all the streets are one way! After all that, I feel that just to be here at all is an accomplishment.

As usual, there are lots of photos to peruse through and they can be found……..wait for it……….here!

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