“Drip, Drip, Drop, Little April Showers……”

August 9, 2007 at 11:23 am (Italy, photos)

Would you Adam an Eve it? It’s raining! I don’t mean any of your drissly, light rainy either; we have got thunder, lightening, the works! I was just about to lay the table for lunch on the terrace when the sky turned grey and the wind got up. (What the wind was doing previously, I have no idea, perhaps taking a siesta, but whatever it was doing, it got up off its lazy arse and started to whip around the streets of Turin.) It was quite fascinating really, shutters were banging, people in flip-flops and short skirts were dashing down the street in search of shelter and we even heard some windows smashing! At this sound, I raced into the lounge to close the doors and shutters, in an attempt to save us from the same fate.

A and I stood watching the courtyard of our apartment block for a while before I realised that I probably should change out of my mini-skirt and bikini top and into something more suitable. It’s the first time that I’ve worn a jumper since we arrived two weeks ago and I’m rather upset about it!

Took a few snaps but I didn’t want to get drenched so they’re from the window!

I suppose today probably wasn’t the best day to wash and hang out our bedding when we’ve only got one set! Oops! (Note to self: always check the weather forecast before washing things that have to be dry by the end of the day!)

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