Did We Get it Right?

August 12, 2007 at 10:04 am (Italy)

When we first visited Torino last March to check out the city, we stumbled across a nice little street that had everything you might want. Three butchers, a little supermarket, fresh bread and cheese shop, a pizza restaurant and a few other little boutique-style shops. We ‘Oohed’ and ‘Aahhed’ at this cute little arrangement and agreed that it would be a brilliant place to live.

However, since moving here, we have only mentioned that street a few times, for example: “I wish we could find that cute little street again” and “Is this street it? No, I don’t remember that being there” and we haven’t been successful in finding it again….until yesterday.

After the obligatory siesta, we went in search of a butchers (sausages were calling me). Our normal route for shopping has provided us with cheese, bread, pasta and veg shops a plenty, but no butchers. We both remember seeing one next to the pane al angolo shop about half way down our street, so we head in that direction. (Our road is very long, as it goes from the centre of town, by the station, right down to the river Po.) Unfortunately, the butchers near the bread shop is closed but we spot two more on the other side of the road. “Hang on, I recognise those shops!” “Yeah, and that little supermarket Meta next door!” Yes, you’ve guessed it, we’d found the little street that we’d always wanted to live near and here’s the best part; it’s our street! Via Mazzini really is turning out to be fab, I think we made the right decision when we rented this apartment, even if we didn’t know why at the time!

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