Cooking alla Italiana 2

September 7, 2007 at 10:00 am (food, Italy, photos)

Well in a previous post I said that I would give you the recipes for all the bits and bobs that I’ve been cooking. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten how I made everything because it was quite a while ago. So, I thought I’d just show you the photos instead.

1. Home made basil and red chilli pesto

2.Champagne Chocolate Truffles

I actually got the recipe for these from the programme ‘Cook Yourself Thin‘ and would recommend making them. They’re delicious!

3. Champagne Chocolate Ice-cream

This was made with the first batch of chocolate truffle mixture that went wrong, I put too much alcohol in and it wouldn’t set. So, added a lot of cream and a bit of sugar and ‘ta da’ you have icecream ready for the freezer.

4. Tiramisu

Unfortunately, this one wasn’t very succesful. Heres’s a picture of me eating it!

Bet you’re glad I don’t have the recipe aren’t you!

For the other photos go to my flickr page.

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  1. Blanche said,

    Wow, this is a first. I went to check your BLOG and find out what’s new in the world of Rj and you haven’t added anything!
    I’ve already seen this page. You must have a job!!!
    Hope you’re well babe, speak soon, B x

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