Back to School Days

October 25, 2007 at 3:53 pm (Italy, life, photos)

A couple of weeks ago two of my friends from school came to visit. I haven’t seen one of them for over a year, so it was great to catch up. We spent pretty much every day reminiscing and finding out about what we’re all upto these days.

Unfortunately, I had to work the lunch shift on the Saturday and Sunday that they were here, so I crept out of bed on Saturday morning and advised them to go shopping. At about 2:30, as my shift was drawing to a close, they arrived at the restaurant with two Italian guys in toe! Neither of whom could speak English and they’d been communicating with Adrian’s phrase book and by pointing! Hilarious!

We went out on the town Sat eve but it was too cold and not much was happening. We had a fabulous meal at Ristorante Conservatoire though, which made us all feel far too big for our clothes.

On Sunday we went to the Mole and did some sightseeing, followed by a relaxed meal in our delicious local Ristorante Mazzini. Adrian and I love this place and they seem to be getting to know us because we got free limoncello! Woo hoo!

More shopping on Monday, a picnic on the terrace and then a lazy afternoon before taking them to the airport.

It was so great just to hang out and relax with friends, I really needed it.

I got A LOT of photos this time, including the infamous H and D magnets that have their own little Torinese story…..


  1. Blanche said,

    Oh my god! How good is Hannah looking? What a babe?

  2. Rj said,

    I know!

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