Frustrating Languages

November 27, 2007 at 8:38 pm (Italy)

So I’m trying to learn Italian and yesterday when I went to my lesson and asked what something meant, my teacher started explaining that they’ve got some verbs that don’t exist in English! What?!?! How the hell am I supposed to know what they mean? Or if I manage to get the comprehension side of things, how am I ever going to be able to use these verbs? At the moment, I’m voting for the ‘just shove them in whenever you think it’s appropriate’ method, but I have a funny feeling that that will backfire! Especially as today when I thought I was talking to my boss about roses he began to talk about his balls! And as I don’t know that word in Italian, he felt the need to grab them to show me what he was talking about! (Please note, my boss is a 70 year old, cute Italian, and his wife was standing next to me, so there was nothing dodgy going on!) So, all in all, a hilarious day, but it’s also a little bit scary…will I ever get the grip of this supposed language of love???

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