Happy Christmas Everyone!

December 12, 2007 at 9:16 pm (Italy, life)

Hello all,

We have decided not to send Christmas cards this year, for a few reasons. We thought that it would be cool to make our own cards and seeing as we are doing this through the computer we have decided to keep the cards on the computer and save paper. So, it’s taken a while to get the right shot, as we wanted it to show life in Torino at Christmas, but you can find the Christmas card below.

Seasons Greetings and Warm Wishes to all.

Have a great Christmas and hopefully see you in the New Year.

Rebecca and Adrian x


  1. Tamsin said,


    Happy Christmas!

  2. Andrew said,

    That’s actually a brilliant idea. Happy Christmas to you two too! Can I come and visit in the new year, please?


  3. Crafty Green Poet said,

    This is a great idea! Torino looks nice at Christmas! I make my own cards too, from recycled materials.

  4. Crafty Green Poet said,

    oh and happy Christmas too!

  5. crunchcorner said,

    Yeah it is very pretty here at the moment. How long were you here for? The cards sound interesting. Do you have any pictures?

  6. Blanche said,

    Ah, that’s lovely. You look GORGEOUS! I’m assuming the picture was taken before you were ill. Can’t wait to see you both. If there’s anything you want/need me to do in preperation let me know.
    love u, B xxx

  7. crunchcorner said,

    ha ha, thanks B x

  8. vicki sharpe said,

    Merry christmas!!!! xxxx

  9. Crafty Green Poet said,

    Seeing as you ask – If you want to see some of my Christmas cards, there are some photos on my blog. I was in Torino for two weeks two years ago, a conference and a week’s holiday, plus we were in Ventimiglia for a week too.

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