My Debut Single

January 6, 2008 at 3:11 pm (Italy, life, music, my links)

Whilst I was having Italian lessons my teacher thought it would be a good idea to focus my learning onto something that I have a passion for. She suggested writing a play in Italian but instead I decided to translate one of my newly written songs and then record it. It took a while to get it right because the Italian sentences turned out to be at least twice as long as the English ones (in terms of syllables) but I finally cut it down to size and recorded it along with the English version. I made a few CDs of the recordings and also added a dance version (because all good singles have a dance mix!) and these were given an Christmas presents to a lucky few. The recordings are not of the greatest quality (and the guitar seems to be a tad out of tune) but that’s what you get for doing it in a rush when you’ve never recorded yourself before and it’s coming up to Christmas! If you want to check out the English song ‘Morning Eyes’ and the Italian version ‘Lui Dorme’ along with lyrics click here! The dance version is also available at the top right of the page, called ‘Between Yesterday and Tomorrow Mix’, credit has to go to Andrew for this as all I did was provide the original music.

I’m very excited about it and would love comments or feedback (good and bad). So, please scrawl something below in the comments box or send an email to:



  1. Don said,

    Thats really cool – really nice harmony. And to think when I asked you how the music was going you just complained ‘I only have one mic’.

  2. Koulla said,

    WOW!!! Now, I know I’m not the most of musically minded people (understatement!) but you’re amazing! P.S. loving the dance version!!!x

  3. Crafty Green Poet said,

    Sounds great, I like your voice! It also sounds good in Italian too!

  4. crunchcorner said,

    thanks guys, I’m getting there – slowly.

  5. sugargirl said,

    Wow, I’m so impressed šŸ™‚

  6. Isabel said,

    Hello you! Guess who popped in today! Mark! I showed him your debut single and he was well impressed and then said ‘I didn’t know she could sing’

    *shakes head*

    Anyway, when you get back we should organise a get together šŸ™‚

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