30-in-30 Accomplishments

January 31, 2008 at 9:00 am (life)

Well the month of January is over and that means that so is my 30-in-30 challenge.

It’s been quite a good month but as I said in my update, I don’t think I would ever split the 30-in-30 challenge between to things again. With that said here’s a quick list of some of the things that I am pleased to have accomplished:

  • Getting into the routine of recording new Italian vocabulary and learning it
  • Making good progress on my website
  • Practising the guitar a lot more!
  • Getting my hair cut in a foreign country

I did set myself a sneaky little extra challenge to try to email/write to friends or family at least once a day. Part of the problem with living in a different counrty is that I sometimes feel a bit out of the loop. This really helped and is definately something that I’m going to try to do more. (I’m not necessarily going to make it so strict in the future though!)

So, all in all I’m really pleased with what I’ve got done and it’s definately got 2008 off to a good start. As Steve Pavlina says on his website, If you tell yourself that you are going to do something for just one month the task doesn’t seem so daunting as when you say “I’m going to cut down on cakes forever”. It then becomes part of your daily routine and when the month is over it actually seems harder to stop doing it, so you just keep on doing it….forever! What a great way of tricking your brain and (in my case) becoming more productive.

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