February 5, 2008 at 7:09 am (Italy, life, music)

Being as I don’t go to church anymore and I don’t know what I believe, I’m not sure if I’m still allowed to call myself a Christian. With this in mind I have no idea why I still feel compelled to give something up for lent. However, in these times when pretty much anything and everything is available 24-7, I think it wouldn’t do me any harm to give something up and hopefully it’ll make me appreciate things a bit more.

I’ve been thinking about what to give up and the first thing that springs to mind is chocolate but here in Torino they have an annual chocolate festival mid February and I’ve been looking forward to it since we decided to move out here, so this year, it’s not going to be that. It could be wine, but I’m only just starting to appreciate wine and I feel like I’m in the process of educating myself, which sounds like a positive thing, so I don’t really think that’d be a good thing to give up either.

A and I download a ton of programmes from the internet and we generally watch them whilst we eat or sometimes in the evening. I’ve got a bit addicted to Brothers and Sisters and the US Writer’s Strike is affecting all my watching so haven’t been able to watch ER, Desperate Housewives or Ugly Betty for ages now. We have also ordered a load of books from amazon online and continuing from my 30-in-30 last month I would like to spend more time playing/creating music. So with all these things put together, I think now would be a perfect time to give up TV and downloaded programmes. It will force me to play the guitar more, read more and generally do different things.

For once I’m actually looking forward to the lent period! What a bizarre concept!

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