February 17, 2008 at 7:28 pm (Italy, life)

It’s amazing the difference that sunshine makes to my day. When I wake up and the bright light is shining through the windows and I can open the shutters and let it all in, it makes me feel cheery. Today it’s cold. There have been no streaming sun rays this morning. If there were any they’ve gone back to sleep, knowing that today was going to be hard, tiring and cold. The sun rays didn’t want to get involved and be associated with the rubbishness of today. Let’s hope that spring is on it’s way. No, scrap that, I’m going to hope that the full-blown summer is just around the corner. I love the sun.

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Which fruit?

February 17, 2008 at 4:28 pm (food, Italy, life)

I went to the ‘fruitivendola’ this week to buy all the fruit and veg that we might need. I always check which out of clementines and mandarins have pips because I can never remember and I don’t like the ones with pips. This week however, I was feeling brave, so I filled my bag full of ‘clementini’ and headed to the checkout. Today I ate my first one and there were 31 pips/seeds (whatever you call them)! 31 in one little, tiny clementine!!! I think I got the wrong type. Next time I’ll ask.

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