How Long’s It Been??

June 17, 2008 at 3:54 pm (Uncategorized)

It seems that I’ve been extremely rubbish about posting recently; I have no excuse other than that I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve had other bits and bobs to worry about. Unfortunately this post may not relight my passion for blogging but it will serve as a recap of what’s been happening. Since the snow we’ve had some amazing sunshine and everyone was amazed ow early summer arrived. What we didn’t realise was that we weren’t going to get any more! We’ve had rain pretty much every day for the last 2 months! It’s dull, cold and dreary. So, you can imagine, I’m not feeling too excited about our coming holiday (3 weeks cycling around Italy)! I’m hoping that the rain will stop at least. Besides weather we’ve had a few more guests, expecting the next one any minute and then preparations can really start for our return to England. It’s all a bit scary and exciting but there’s far too much to do before I can even start thinking about any of that! Apart from the weather life here has been pretty good over the last few months; teaching has slowed down and we’ve been getting out and about on the bikes.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m not going to promise a whole load of photos because my laptop is so slow that I can’t be bothered at the moment. I can’t wait to get the laptop back when we get back to England. Maybe then my computery side will start to shine again!

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