Torino July 2007

July 15, 2007 at 9:14 pm (Italy, photos)

I’ve recently put my photos of Italy up onto flickr. They include some gorgeous Italian scenes, a few glorious piazzas and some stuff that’s a bit arty! Click here if you want to see them.

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Appartamento Favoloso

July 10, 2007 at 11:10 am (Italy, photos)

It’s official, we’ve got an apartment in Turin. It’s big, on the first floor of the block, right in the city centre, has space for visitors and (the best bit) it has a terrace. I can’t wait to get that BBQ going!

So, if you’re planning to come out and visit, click here to see where you’ll be staying. Obviously it’ll look much better once we’re in there, as it’ll have had a bit of a clean and will have been improved with some girly touches.

Just imagine sitting out on the terrace on a warm summer’s evening with a fine glass of Italian wine – bellissimo!

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The Day That I Was Born

July 1, 2007 at 10:00 pm (photos, Uncategorized)

23 years ago, yesterday, I was born. “Hoorah” (I hear you cry). Unfortunately, what with all the packing and general organising that’s going on around here, not much happened. It felt very strange and I think I’m getting to the age when events (such as Christmas, Easter and Birthdays) don’t have the same appeal and excitement about them as they used to, which leads to a slight feeling of disappointment when the awaited event does finally arrive. Morose sounding, I know, and I didn’t think I’d ever hear myself say it. I’m normally the person ‘bigging up’ such events and trying to rally everyone round by making them wear the mandatory Father Christmas hat or the red nose or whatever it is that’s supposed to symbolise the event, but this time it’s me being the pessimistic one. I don’t think I’ll ever not enjoy these celebrations but I am going to have to tone down the build up and nervous anticipation, as it seems to be doing more harm than good. With all that said, I did really enjoy myself in the evening of my Birthday; I ate far too much good food, drunk a little more than I should (but about the amount that’s deemed reasonable when it’s your Birthday) and discovered a cool feature on my camera. Basically, it continuously takes photos (until you tell it to stop!) in short succession, so you get some great cartoon-strip-esque moments. Could photography get any better? An example of the hilarity is below.

Blanche 1

Blanche 2

Blanche 3

Blanche 4

A few other photos from the day are up on flickr.

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Photos and the art of taking them

June 4, 2007 at 12:33 pm (Italy, photos)

I’ve been trying for a while to be able to get my photos onto my blog and I’ve finally set up a flickr account. I’ve only just set it up so there’s not much to look at right now but in the future there will be.

As I was looking through a friend’s photos I was impressed at how professional they looked and I quite liked the style!

I’d like to be more arty with them but I don’t mean that I’m going to go all flowery and start taking photos of random things that don’t really mean much but I thought I should try to improve my photos in three ways:

1. Take more photos generally. (I often take my camera to an event but don’t actually take it out of my bag!)

2. Try to get less posed photos. (All my photos are of people standing and smiling at the camera and I’ve seen quite a few really nice photos recently that look much more natural and fun when the subjects aren’t being forced to stand in a straight line and hold a grin for 3 minutes whilst I fiddle around with the focus!)

3. Delete the crap ones. (Aparently, the art of getting a fab photo is taking heaps but deleting almost as many as you’ve taken! This forces you to be a bit picky and only keep the really good ones.)

Part of the reason for this new motivation is the fact that Adrian and I are moving out to Italy. We want people to be able to see what we’re up to and hopefully think that it looks so great that they have to come out abd visit! So, if you like what you see come out and see it for yourselves….please!

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