30-in-30 2nd Update

January 15, 2008 at 3:14 pm (Italy, life, studies)

I’m on track to meet my quota of musical tasks before the end of the month. Hoorah! (I hear you shout) However, the Italian is not going as well. It turns out I don’t like hard work! ha ha! (I don’t know why I say ‘it turns out’ because I think I’ve known this for a while!) I can’t motivate myself to get the books out and study. With this in mind I don’t think I’d recommend anyone to split their 30-in-30 into two subjects. It makes it harder to choose what to do and one topic will always become the less favourable thing to do and it’s too easy to say “I’ll do that tomorrow”, somewhat defeating the purpose of this exercise I feel.

I’ve come up with a few good ideas to try and make the Italian tasks more palatable though:

  1. watch tv
  2. listen to the radio
  3. get hair cut

So all is not lost, I will still be doing more Italian than I would have normally but it’s not exactly as studious as I had previously hoped. Ah well!

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30-in-30 Update

January 8, 2008 at 4:06 pm (Italy, life, studies)

Well this 30-in-30 thing is harder than you’d think. I started really well, doing more things than I had set myself for the day but now that I’m back at work I’m realising that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. We were going to go to the cinema tonight, which would’ve been my Italian thing for the day but then A found a version of the film in English, so we’re going to watch that first instead, hopefully easing the confusion when we watch the Italian version. Sounds great in theory, but now I have to find something else to do for my Italian thing today and I’m not in the mood to get the books out! Hmmm…

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The Piano

August 22, 2007 at 10:44 am (Italy, music, studies)

Whilst sitting in Piazza Bodoni with the Verdi Music Conservatoire behind me, I could here someone playing a gorgeous piece of piano music, which reminded me of my quest to find more music. The piece was ‘The Heart Asks the Pleasure First’ by Michael Nyman, which was written for the film The Piano. So, I decided to start my broadening of musical horizons with Michael Nyman and spent the day trawling through videos on YouTube and listening to various pieces. I am absolutely in love with ‘The Heart Asks the Pleasure First’ and probably listened to it about 20 times in a row! It’s one of the most calming and thought provoking pieces of music I’ve listened to in a long time. Yes, it is very romantic and all very melodic and dissonances are rare but in my opinion this is nothing to be frowned upon; it’s just a really well written piece of music. Have a listen. This is a video of the piece with some clips from the film-enjoy.


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August 17, 2007 at 1:54 pm (Italy, studies)

Throughout my life I’ve always been told that I have a very English accent, some say posh, some say BBC and others say just plain. So, it came as a shock when, on Wednesday, I was told by an Italian lady that I didn’t have an English accent. I couldn’t quite understand what she was trying to say and wondered if she meant that when I spoke English I didn’t have a regional accent. When I asked for clarification, she replied, “No, when you speak Italian”. Wow! The biggest compliment ever, to be told by an Italian lady that I don’t sound English when I speak her language! I am very chuffed with myself and have a sense of renewed confidence; bring on the job interviews!

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English Grammar

August 2, 2007 at 9:00 am (my links, studies)

I’m remembering how much I dislike having to know all the names of the English tenses. (I’m trying to swat up in an attempt to increase my chances of finding a job in an English language school.) I have, however, found this website, which appears to be American (and it does have a few mistakes and typos in it) and is quite helpful. I’m just putting it here so that I know where to find it again – instead of having to trawl through google each time!


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