30 Things in 30 Days.

December 30, 2007 at 12:59 pm (Italy, life, music)

After being inspired by Adrian’s 30-in-30 challenge, I decided that I wanted to do something similar. Adrian did something related to learning Italian every day in the month of November and little by little his Italian has improved.

Some of you may know that I enjoy having something to focus on and to motivate me, so I am going to do my own 30-in-30. I thought about taking on this challenge in December but as we all know, December is a far too crazy month to be setting extra things to try and do! Another reason for the delay is that it has taken me a while to pick the theme of my 30 things to do; unfortunately, I have far too many things that I’d like to work on. I have finally decided to split my 30 things into two topics, so on alternate days I will do something related to studying Italian and making music. I’m really into my music at the moment and am currently trying to record my songs, write music and get my website set up, so hopefully a little push will be all I need to get some of them finished!


I am also living in Torino, Italy and I still can’t speak the language so I would also like to devote some time to this.


My challenge will take place throughout the month of January and I’m handily forgetting that the 1st of January exists, so that my 30 things can be completed in the remaining month. (Also, who actually starts anything new on the 1st of January anyway? Surely we’re all too hungover!)

As the month goes on I will be hopefully posting a few articles about my progress so that you can keep abreast of my developments.

Fingers crossed that the language finally starts to become easier and that the album will be well under way by February!


  1. Crafty Green Poet said,

    Good luck with your album and learning Italian. It is a relatively easy language to learn so once you get into it, you shouldn’t have a problem really…

  2. crunchcorner said,

    Thank you, I think I’m having more success with the music at the moment! I understand the Italian and I’m learning all the rules but when I have to reproduce it, it comes out completely wrong. Just practice I suppose! (Or is it practise?)

  3. Crafty Green Poet said,

    Practice and immersing yourself in the language really helps, which will be easier for you in Torino than it is for me in Edinburgh! . I think that the easy things in Italian are the grammar and the vocabulary but then its a strange language in terms of how its put together and how the words flow and only native Italians seem to really know the secret of that! Good luck!

  4. crunchcorner said,

    yeah, I’ve noticed that too. Thanks

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